Response to Network Abuse and Denial of Service Conditions

Hawaii Pacific Teleport Engineering Team is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the HPT Network. When the Engineering Team becomes aware of complaints from third parties such as spam, port scans, viruses etc or activity that disrupts, or that intends to disrupt, network connectivity or the operation of network at the core, distribution or access layers, Abuse Team will either block the IP address themselves or request HPT's upstream providers to block the source and destination IP addresses of the offending traffic. The block will be placed so as to minimally impact the flow of other, non-disruptive traffic. When such an action is taken, HPT Abuse Team will notify the customer whose traffic has been blocked as soon as possible. This notification will be accomplished using the contact data provided by the customer when the circuit was initially brought up. This data resides in HPT's Database Management System.


The IP addresses that are blocked shall be released in 48 hours should no matches are found on the ACLs/filters. Should HPT fail to remove the filters, customer is requested to notify HPT's Abuse Team at abuse@hawaiiteleport.com


Author: HPT Abuse Team [abuse@hawaiiteleport.com]

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